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The Money Game

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Eligible for FREE Shipping in the USA ONLY - CANADA EXTRA(Eligible for FREE Shipping in the USA ONLY - CANADA EXTRA)

The Money Game is a financial education game where the room is "the board", the players are "the pieces" and the lessons last a lifetime.

The Money Game is also one of the easiest and most effective methods for growing your students into financially literate adults.

Learning about money should no longer be an elective; financial skills are critical life skills that should be included in every student's education.

The Money Game can be used on its own or as an enhancement to any classroom curriculum, especially math units, career choices, and home economics.

By teaching financial education through this interactive game format, students are given permission to engage their "beginner's mind" and let the lessons in without a lot of judgment or resistance. When students are allowed to "play" ~ through movement, experience, repetition, and fun ~ they learn for life!

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