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Money Habitudes Professional Counselors Large Package

Eligible for FREE Shipping in the USA ONLY - CANADA EXTRA(Eligible for FREE Shipping in the USA ONLY - CANADA EXTRA)

Counselors Package: Includes (4) Habitudes Decks of Cards and (1) Money Habitudes Guide for Professional Counselors

Description: This unique program, the guide for professionals and deck of cards is an effective, novel approach to quickly reveal clients´┐_ patterns of habits and attitudes about money which can support or sabotage achieving their financial goals. They can be used with individuals, couples or groups.

The Money Habitudes deck includes easy-to-follow instructions for six activities using 54 statement cards. Examples of habitudes include: Security (money represents being safe and secure), and Status (money represents a way to create a positive image). Also included are user-friendly interpretation cards for each habitude with suggestions aimed at helping the individual identify next steps for changing behaviors.

A simple fifteen-minute activity will provide the insights needed to:
´┐_ Determine the most effective approach in working with individual clients to help them successfully manage and/or invest their money.
´┐_ Identify the underlying challenges a client may face in spite of having a good plan.
´┐_ Predict and understand potential money conflicts when working with couples, families or business partners and executive teams.
Price: $99.95 Four (4) Decks of Money Habitudes Cards and One (1) Money Habitudes Guide for Professional Counselors.

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