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Money in Motion (Instructor's Course)

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This Online Instructor Training Course = 10 Continuing Education Credits (CEs)

The ICFE, an approved Continuing Education (CE) provider organization, and the American Center for Credit Education (ACCE) (Rapid City, SD), the leading publisher of financial education programs, announce NEW online Instructor Training courses are now available through the ICFE.


These training courses are for individuals who want to become ACCE approved instructors to teach the Money in Motion and/or Money & Faith in Motion courses. Both online Instructor Training courses have been accepted for 10 Continuing Education Units by the Association for Counseling and Planning Education (

The online Instructor Training for both courses consists of the components listed below, with an emphasis on the instructor’s vital roles as trainer and discussion leader.

When the online enrollment is complete, there will be an email automatically sent by the ACCE that will include:

  • Instructor’s Guide (PDF),
  • PowerPoint (PDF) and
  • Access to the online Money in Motion Financial Education Program and/or the Money & Faith in Motion Financial Education Program that includes an exam/evaluation.

When the Instructor Certification candidate completes Money in Motion and/or Money & Faith in Motion , he/she will be automatically be sent email with their score from the ACCE.

The ICFE will separately confirm via email the 10 CEs earned and ALSO add the certificant to the ICFE's International Directory of Certificants.

What is the enrollment fee?
Enrollment in either online course is $259.00

Less Introductory discount (- $ 40.00)
Total $219.00*

*Enroll for Instructor Training in both courses at the same time and save $40. ($219 + $219 = $438 = less $40 = $398)

The printed cover of the Money in Motion course (for the students in the class) is pictured

Money in Motion
Online Instructor Training

Through this motivational program, you’ll gain the practical tools you need to manage your money, make good financial decisions, and reach your financial goals. Real-life stories demonstrate the benefits of wise money management. Money in Motion is easy to use and understand and is our most popular program.

Financial education is the wave of the future. Why? Because the more financially aware you are, the better interest rates you can get on car and home loans, and better rates on credit cards. You’ll also qualify for cheaper car insurance and better jobs. The key to becoming financially educated? You can get a head start with our short 2-hour financial education course, Money in Motion.

Money in Motion takes you through a variety of financial situations, while using simple terms and stories to teach you what you need to know.

These situations include:

• Developing goals and a budget
• Applying for credit cards
• Shopping for a car loan
• Reading and understanding contracts
• Understanding credit reports.

Money & Faith in Motion
Online Instructor Training (from the ACCE and the Black Hills Biblical Institute)

Money & Faith in Motion is a practical, easy to understand guide to managing your money, credit and debt. You’ll learn how biblical principles can empower you to get your finances back on track. Scripture passages and hands-on activities will show you how money and faith work together.

While Money in Motion reaches a broad spectrum of the general population, Money & Faith in Motion is written to communicate more with faith based organizations such as Christian churches or the YMCA, to name a couple.

Student Comments About The Money in Motion Financial Education Courses

"...This is wonderful. I feel like I have been given a tool for success for the first time in my life as far as money is concerned. I have confidence that I won’t make the same mistakes twice... Thank you." – Barbara

"...I am really excited to get started on a budget. Our goal is to someday own a home of our own. A budget will help us see what we need to do to attain our goal... Thanks!" – Nicole

"...This class has really opened my eyes. I have a 16-year-old son, and I am definitely going to share what I have learned with him. I am truly going to use all of the tools I learned in this session..." – Anthony


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Money in Motion
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