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The ICFE Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist – CITRMS® XV

Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist - CITRMS® XV
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Certified Identity Theft Risk  Management Specialist - CITRMS® XV

Accepted by the AFCPE for 10 CEs
Applicants are encouraged to review the ICFE's CITRMS®XV

Code of Ethics for ICFE Certificants Code of Ethics for ICFE Certificants


Over 150 million credit and identity theft victims and counting...
The staggering monetary losses are mounting. More small business owners are now discovering, and for many the hard way, what the new laws say they now must do to protect a customer's personal information. Guarding against credit and identity theft is more important now, than ever before. In part, because the number of victims continues to multiply in huge numbers every month, however the law enforcement and resolution advocacy services don't. And also, partly because there are so few professionals trained and qualified to help the public and small businesses who need to access and manage their credit and identity theft risk to avoid financial ruin and the nightmares of attempted resolution should one become a victim.

The ICFE developed the "ICFE Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist" - CITRMS® educational and certification testing program in 2006 and the course has been completely replaced and expanded with the CITRMS® ISG XV. The main purpose is to comprehensively prepare and equip law enforcement professionals, financial planners and CPA's, resolution advocates, notaries, lawyers, credit and debt counselors, through education, testing and computer software training, with the knowledge and skills necessary to help consumers and businesses fully assess and minimize their present risk of credit and identity theft.

These professionals - who are now the front line of defense in the fight against credit and identity theft for their clients and constituents - will also have a heightened sense of awareness about this so-called silent crime and will be tuned in to always guarding against it in addition to always talking about it with their clients and constituents to keep their awareness high.

CITRMS® XV covers nine major areas of study

Now more than ever in the past, the time has come for a more professional, comprehensively trained and well educated approach the ICFE Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist program contains. It will equip CITRMS® XV enrollees with a working knowledge and understanding of the individual uniqueness of these crimes.
There are NINE areas of study and testing covered in the CITRMS® ISG XV:

1) Identity Theft Basics and Concepts
2) Magnitude, Classifications, and Trends in Identity Theft
3) What Information is Involved and Who Holds It
4) How Identity Thieves Operate
5) Specialized Areas of Concern –  Tech + Demographic
6) Legal and Regulatory Responses to the Identity Theft Challenge
7) Preventive and Remedial Steps for Consumers
8) Risk Management for Businesses
9) Identity Theft Risk Management Standards and Solutions

CITRMS® XV will also result in professionals having gained the knowledge and techniques necessary to improve their own chances of not becoming a victim and also help others too.

Here are some reasons why professionals enroll in this new ICFE CITRMS® XV Certification Program:

  1. Becoming certified by the ICFE will make a difference to your clients, your company, your community, and yourself. It is the manifestation of your commitment to high standards of professionalism aimed at your employer, your colleagues, your clients and the general public.

  2. Promotes your professional value

  3. Demonstrate your professional qualifications and earn respect from clients and peers

  4. Being among the first to earn this important Certification in your community is newsworthy

  5. Listing in the ICFE's International Directory of Certificants

Read more about the Certification Program

CITRMS® XV Learning Goals and Objectives:

  1. Be familiar with the principal laws defining identity theft and setting requirements for holders of identity theft related information

  2. Know the common identity theft terms and define key differences

  3. Understand the magnitude and trends of reported incidents of identity theft

  4. Be able to list the various types of information vulnerable to identity theft and where it is held

  5. Know the main ways identity thieves gain access to sensitive information and how they misuse it

  6. Be familiar with the currently identified “Specialized Areas of Concern,” including technological developments and those listed by demographic and activity categories

  7. Understand the roles of the principal federal agencies responsible for administering identity theft related laws and regulations

  8. Know which agencies to contact in the event of identity theft, and how to contact them

  9. Know the steps consumers can take to minimize the risk of identity theft, and what to do if a consumer learns his/her information has been compromised in an identity theft incident

  10. Identify methods of access to credit reports and credit scores, free and otherwise

  11. Know the types of identity theft that usually do NOT show up in credit reports

  12. Be familiar with the main requirements for businesses to protect sensitive customer information, to comply with applicable laws and regulations

  13. Understand the requirements to notify affected individuals in the event of a data breach, and know the most common means of helping them minimize the adverse effects of such a breach.

  14. Understand the types and features of identity theft prevention and resolution services for consumers and businesses

  15. Be familiar with the overall standards applicable to organizations and consumers in working together to manage the threat of identity theft

Qualifies for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

*Accepted for 5 CEUs for ChFC's and CLU's PACE Program and the IARFC
*Accepted for 5 PDUs from the American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences

*Accepted for 10 CEUs
by the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education (

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